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    One of my Ancona ducklings has angel wing. She (loud quack when I catch it) will be 7 weeks old on Saturday. The other three hatchlings are fine. With the help of my neighbor, I have tried to wrap her four or five times and she gets right out of it. I have read the thread and instructions started by Celtic Farms but I haven't been able to follow each step in the wrap. I also finally watched the video of the guy wraping a plucked chickn wing held in a vice which was a good anatomy lesson, but that bird can never pull the thing off [​IMG]

    The only vet near me that treats ducks (which is good to know) would charges $89 just to examine her — way out of my range. I think Celtic Farm's method would work but I cannot seem to understand each step in the wrap in order to get that figure eight that looks so secure. I've gone through a whole role of vet wrap and fastened it with duct tape. The only other suggestion I have not yet tried is the panty hose (but who has any of those in their drawers?).

    Does anyone know of or could create a more detailed drawing or explanation of the best way to wrap. I sure don't want this Little to live with this for life.
    Thanks for any help, JoyAnna
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    Maybe try something like this it may work it worked for this duckling.[Panty Hose]

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  3. Panty hose, what an awesome idea! Sure works better than vet wrap!

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