Duckling with crusty cracked/bleeding cloaca


Apr 5, 2018
So I got a few Muscovy ducklings yesterday. I was super excited because she said I could try to sex them when I got there. I've vent sexed ducklings many times. I don't squeeze them and while I'm slow at it I can do it sucessfully without hurting them and usually get somewhere close to 50/50 but when I went to sex them one had a crusty cracked and bleeding vent so I told her and said I wouldn't sex it but it looks like a male and I wanted it anyways so I'll take it and then I checked the other three and one other had like hemroids or something on their cloaca. What would help them heal? I've never had ducklings with injured cloacas. ( I've never hurt anyone though. Even when I was starting out. I checked everyone and made sure there was no damage and was very gentle. I just want to express that because I know some people are against sexing birds. I find sexing ducks less traumatizing for them and probably safer than how hatcherys vent sex chicks.) I'll put the best pics I could get but I'm not spreading the one with a cracked vent and I'm not spreading the one with hemroids any more that what I did in the pic.i don't want to make them worse so I just did the minimum to see.


I had to edit this one to actually be visible but it already looks better than it did yesterday.

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