Duckling with leg abnormality. Please help!


Jun 19, 2022
Hi , I'm new her but I have a baby duck , only about a week old . Tractor supply gave him to me cause he had what they thought was very bad splay leg . I have tried everything I know of and researched tirelessly . One of his legs was stretched out behind him and twisted the wrong way . He did not seem painful when we put it in the right position so I splinted it the right way with the other leg. His leg has made the turn and seems to be staying in the right direction now . But he can't keep his feet under him. I take the wraps off and help him walk a couple times a day to exercise his legs but he still isn't getting the hang of it . He has niacin , electolyes ect. Added to water and access to food and water. He's super happy and healthy otherwise. I don't want to give up on him


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