Duckling with Runny Nose

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    Hi guys!

    So my one baby duckling has a runny nose now accompanied by sneezing. It’s not constant sneezing, just every now and then. And they’re both sneezing a little but only one have a clear runny nose. I’m trying to stay calm about it. They got to swim in the warm bath tub today and the entire time swimming no one sneezed. So I just don’t know if it’s from them needing the clean out their nostrils. Or the bedding, or food. And if they actually have a cold. I’m picking up some tomatoes tonight when shopping but just want to know if I can get anything from Tractor Supply tomorrow to help if it is a cold. Other than the sneezing & runny nose they both are eating, pooping, active, talkative, and seem totally fine. Sometimes their poop comes out a little runny and other times it’s solid enough to pick up with a wipe. Please give me some pointers so I can keep my babies healthy! Thank you!
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    @Miss Lydia , @WVduckchick , and many others can assist you better than I. It is good for them to have clean water to clean their bills and nostrils. Hopefully, it is not a respiratory disease.
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    Sometimes bedding an feed can be dusty enough to cause a sneeze once in a while. And watch to see if the clear liquid running out of their nares is right after they have dunked their heads in water. Vet RX is something you can have on hand directions on the box. Also sometimes when we pick them up if we mash their little crop area water can come up an out of their nares.
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