Duckling with Scratched Eye


10 Years
May 25, 2009
Long Island, New York
I have a 4 week old Snowy Mallard with a scratched eye. I noticed a little blood coming from her eye this morning and as I was checking on her this evening, I can see that the membrane around the eye ball had been scratched. She's squinting her eye and I can see it's hurting her. I've brought her inside and would like to treat her. Should I put bacitracin on it?
Veterycin has an eye ointment. I don't know if I would put bacitracin on the eye. I would give her some water with apple cider vinegar (has some antibiotic properties) in it, like a teaspoon in a quart of water. That might sting a little. What about saline solution spray? I think I might go with saline if I did not have the Veterycin.
I just cleaned her eye with saline. She's sleeping in the bathtub right now. I don't want to disturb her, but I'll put some ACV in her water in the morning. She'll stay inside till I know her eye is better. Thank you!

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