duckling with soft bump under his eye

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    Aug 4, 2009
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    I have 3 ducklings. 2 are just fine. about 5 days ago, one developed this soft bump under his eye. (i'm assuming sinus infection). it got bigger for a day, and has held it's size now, although it's all underneath his eye. his eye is not weeping or swollen, and he eats fine. i put them in the tub every afternoon to bathe, and was hoping that would help him clear it. my friend raises the ducks (where i got them from) and she gave me antibiotics to put in their water for a week. that was the only thing she could think of. well, the week is almost up, and it's still not cleared up. She suggested now leaving it be for a week off of antibiotics and then next week resuming anitbiotics again, so he doesn't get use to them.

    Last night, when he got his bath, i noticed he was kind of wheezing..but dont know why. He doesn't act like his breathing is labored, and runs all around. was thinking maybe he's wheezing because of the bump.

    does anyone have any other ideas i can try to fix him. there is no way i'm taking a duckling to the vets, but i'm willing to do anything else i can to help it.

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