Ducklings about to hatch!!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by bantymum, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. Hi, my mumma duck has her first hatch due anytime now.
    Im not sure when she started sitting firm so i dont know due date.
    I have however noticed some behaviour changes that im hoping someone can look at!
    1) the drake has been hanging around the area where she is more often than usual, dont worry, I know he wont hurt them, his dad didnt, they are white bantam mallards! but ill watch him anyway.
    2) she hasnt got off for 4 days for a swim.
    3) she is very restless, turning around often, stuffing the downy feathers that she has on the circumference of the nest under her, up until this afternoon she was happy to just sit there and sleep.
    4) she looks like she has grown much larger and she has been moving her feet and wings whilst sitting. (maybe she has something really cute under her!

    do you think that the hatching is close?
    Im really excited, this is my first hatch. I bought the pair last summer when they were young so this is their first hatch.
    also how do they get to hatch when the eggs seem to be in a pile on top of each other?
  2. justusnak

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    Feb 28, 2007
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    [​IMG] Oh Helen....there is nothing cuter than baby ducks!! Congrats! I cant waite to see pics! Her behavior sounds like it might be any day. My gal was very restless when her eggs were about to hatch....Kepp us posted!!
  3. GoodEgg

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    I can't of course answer any of your questions, but I just wanted to say *Congrats*! and how exciting! Baby ducks are the cutest!

    And I'm sure the mama duck knows what's going on, so surely it MUST be about time, if she's acting so differently!

    And call ducklings ... calls are so cute anyway, I'm sure their ducklings must be sooooo cute! Keep us posted!

  4. Thanks, I will post a pic as soon as I see them!

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