Ducklings have arrived! Need help!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by mrbstephens, Mar 14, 2012.

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    and they are sooooooo cute!!!! I'm having a little trouble keeping their temperature in the brooder up. During the day it was fine, but tonight, I've lowered the lamp as far as I can and covered half the container to help keep the heat in. The temp is around 85 degrees F. They're acting OK, but found one sleeping in the waterer so scooped her up and dried her off. Am I going to sleep tonight? Probably not. :(
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    Put stone or marbles in the waterer to keep them from being able to climb in. Thats probably not too cool, as long as they aren't bunched up under it they should be fine and no you probably won't sleep much. Kinda like when you bbring home your first baby. [​IMG] I have chicks in my house right now and I was up about 4 times checking on them the first night.
    Also you may want to make them a warterer out of a coolwhip container where you cut an oval hole into the top of it just large enough for them to get their heads in so the can wash their faces but not be able to climb in and drown or get their bedding soaked. and don't forget to post pics!and if you do make them one out of the cool whip container put a rock inside to keep them from tipping it over.
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    I found that a damp brooder can be five to ten degrees cooler than a dry brooder. It is probably because of evaporation.

    Anyway, if there are no drafts, they will probably be fine. And it sounds like you will be good about checking on them frequently. Breathe. Enjoy the cuteness and happiness.

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    I do have a container with a hole cut out for head washing in there. :) They do look comfortable and there are definitely no drafts. Thanks! I just love them!​
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    Jun 4, 2011
    I shouldn't speak for everyone else, but I will.
    We like pictures of new quackers.
    We can't get enough.

    I got a new Buff duck yesterday I need to go snap 9,000 pics of so I can gush to people who might get more excited than my family.

    [​IMG] So... I believe I heard you got some ducklings...
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  8. mrbstephens

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    The picture show all three. The second is of Jemima (puddle duck), she is a buff. The third is Rouen and doesn't have a name yet. The last is of Mary, the Khaki Campbell.
    They are doing wonderfully! Still having a little trouble keeping it warm enough. I have them in a wood shed, a really nice one that is free of drafts and is warmer than my garage or basement, but still pretty chilly tonight. I added a space heater for the night and I think that's helping a lot.
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    WHAT you mean they aren't in your bedroom? [​IMG] jk. Glad to hear they are doing good and they are sooo cute.. Not only did I have a duckling in my bedroom but he also got into bed with us... [​IMG]
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    My goodness they are cute!! Be forwarned... take LOTS of pics!! They grow super duper fast! i have four ducks, two are 2 1/2 weeks old and are huge and the other two are just about a week old now and are catching up to the others. They double their size in a week, so get lots of pics while they are young and fluffy!

    I wouldn't worry too much about the heat either. I've had to lower the heat in the older duck's brooder to about 80 already because they never went to that side of the pen. The didn't like it so hot. Go by their body language moreso than the temperature gage.

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