ducklings running from me


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10 Years
Apr 24, 2009
Savannah Georgia
My ducklings(5 of them)Will follow me and will herd out the gate to the yard. But I have chase them and catch them to put them in the coop atnight. I am having knee surgery soon and will not be able to chase them. How do I get them to stop running from me so I can put them up at night? Thanks Anne
You might have to bribe them. I bribed mine in to the pen last night with fresh lettuce. OH! It is also easier to get them in the pen if there is some light in there. I bought 2 $4 solar powered lights at Walmart. I put one by the door and one by the feed bowl. I still have to herd the older ducks, but they resist less when they can see what's going on

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