Ducks and chickens eating layers


Jun 16, 2020
Hi everyone I have 2 pekin ducks just over 15 weeks and they now share a run with my 10 hens, they have different feeders but they eat each others food, my hens are on layers pellets and ducks on just adult duck pellets, can I just put them all on layers pellets or is it too early, thanks
Switch over to All Flock feed, or Purina Flock raiser. Both feeds are formulated for both chickens and ducks/turkeys/geese. Just provide a calcium source for the layers.

Just chicken layer feed, does not supply adequate amounts of niacin for the ducks.
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I would look at the bags and see what nutrients are in each. There is a reason they do duck food for ducks.I don't have any ducks though. I'm thinking that ducks need the kind of food, that they can wet and then swallow, so they can digest it better. Chicken pellets are made to be eaten dry.

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