Ducks and ducklings with diarrhea. What to do?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by featherfinder, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. featherfinder

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    My 2 12 week old ducks just started about 2 weeks ago with the really smelly and runny poo. They had never had it before and i have no idea what caused it. I have changed nothing diet wise and they have not been under any stress. My ducklings on the other hand are a week an a half old and for the past week their diarrea has also been getting worse. Thats all that they seem to have. Nothing more solid ever and it always smells so disgusting! Im not sure what the cause of this is or how to stop it or make it better. I did some research threw the BYC web site and all i found were threads of saying it was from stress or over drinking. No really cause or cure. They have not been stressed cause nothing has changed in their life and drinks as much as they always have. Can anyone help me out with this?
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    Can you list some information that might help? For example, what do they eat, are they getting grit? Do you have a vet who can help? Is there blood in the stool? Sounds gross, but do you have pictures? Any other symptoms? Lethargy? Wobbly? Panting? Is it possible they've gotten into something toxic?

    This may be an infection, in which case antibiotics would be needed.
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    They are on purina duck starter and with grit mixed in. Yes I have a vet but would prefer not to pay the fees but will if i have to. No blood and i have not noticed and thing else. The older ones are not that bad it is just like a 3-4 times a day thing. The ducklings are allday everyday now and they are still in the brooder (my bathtub) and have not been out unsepervised ever. I do not know where they could have gotten toxins. Everything like that is kept far away.

    Edited- They also get fresh greens everyday along with their food as kinda like a treat once a day.
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    Anyone else? Any ideas please? Every suggestion is welcome.
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    Do they seem healthy? Are they growing? Maybe try giving yogurt or probiotics. Sorry I can't help more 3 - 4 times a day for the older ones sounds real normal.
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    Quote:Yes they seem completly healthy other than that. They are eating and drinking just fine and run around peeping their heads off all day long lol. I could understand if this was a once in a while thing with them but its every time they poop. I will try yogurt today.
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    Where are the greens from? Your yard, the store? Do you wash them? If the yard is it treated? We do not treat our rear yard since everyone wonders around back there.
  8. featherfinder

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    Quote:From the store and always washed off before i give it to them.
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    Ok so i forgot to add that i have been having problems with the ducklings wings as well. They had red bumps on them and i started another thread about that a couple of days ago and noticed today that it has gotten worse. Not sure what i am going to do about that because i have been trying to clear it up. I dont know if that has anything to do with their diarrhea.
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    you could try DE diametacious earth in their food as this is suppose to help chickens and ducks of any age.

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