Ducks are Afraid of Me


Oct 29, 2018
so i live in the woods and i own one pekin and one rouen. the rouen is female because she doesn't have a green head, but the pekin is likely male because he is very large (almost small goose size) and has a low "qock" voice instead of a "quack" voice.

the rouen is actually very upfront and outgoing. the pekin however is very shy and doesn't like people. he runs away but once i hold him, he will preen my hair and will be very docile. i even give him kisses and he tries to eat my lips off! lol.

i've been trying to get him used to human companionship because my ducks are pretty much pets. sometimes i bring him into the shower and we shower together (no soap) because he likes the warm water and it never rains where i live (although sometimes he nips where he shouldn't). he still seems very nervous though.

he was so much more loving when he was yellow, but now that he's white he acts like i'm not his dad anymore.

Going Quackers

11 Years
May 24, 2011
On, Canada
Some ducks are just like that... I house raised my pekin flock(what was originally a 1/2 doz... 5 ducks, 1 drake) and the remaining two aren't in my pocket anymore at several years old.

Ducks love food, and that tends to be your best bet to get them to come around. I have one Muscovy drake here who will eat out of your hand yet he was duck/farm raised never handled by us... just his personality.

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