Ducks going bald and missing wing feathers

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What are you feeding @Cpoole206 Adding some protein to her diet [mealworms is always a fav] plus dry dog kibble [good quality both of these as treats.] Can help with feather quality. If it's molting then once she loses all her old feathers she'll grow in her new ones and look awesome. Giving them a bath in vinegar, soap etc just washes off any oil they have applied to their feathers to keep them waterproof from their oil[preen gland] I don't rec it.


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Apr 17, 2017
When ducks molt their wing feathers they kind of just all come out at once. It's alarming when you see that for the first time but totally normal. I would say she's just molting as long as you don't see any other signs of illness or parasites.

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