Ducks still not laying ?


5 Years
Oct 3, 2014
I have some ducks that I got early spring from tsc when they sell there chicks, i know two of them are girls for positive. I also got some pullet chicks the same day and they have already started laying like two or three months ago. But my ducks haven't is there something wrong ? I was just thinking they might not lay till spring
I have seven ducks two are females but they have paired off , I have three Perkins , one female Pekin she has paired of with my biggest drake pekin ,I have seen them mate before. Then I have one drake rouen who has paired with my other female that is a blue Indian runner, I have seen them mate . I feed them some scratch grains with some layer pellets , they are free ranged with my chickens.and I haven't gotten any oyster shell because they use to be with my goats so I couldn't put any out
From what I have read here and elsewhere, the best number of drakes to ducks is one drake for three to six ducks. When there are more drakes, and even sometimes when there is just one drake, a female can be overmated and that can stop egg production, cause injury, or even kill her.

Multiple drakes may gang up on one duck.

I would omit the scratch for now. Egg-laying requires lots of nutrients, and scratch has calories, but not many vitamins or minerals that the ducks need to lay eggs.

You may need to be creative to be sure the ducks are getting what they need - safety, good nutrition, plenty of the right minerals.
Only three out of my 5 drakes I have seen try to mate , but that's because the other two one has a bad leg and isn't able to and they other keeps to his self. I was suppose to be getting 4 females but the person never brought them. And another thing is I haven't seen them mate lately at all
Yes because I have goats (which if u haven't owned one) are escape artist and will try to get in to the chicken feed which they have once and it can kill them but luckily they only just got upset stomachs , so I have to be careful about putting stuff out for my chickens and ducks
There an old saying "if you can throw water there a fence , then a goat can get out " which is very true I've caught mine climbing fences

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