Ducks with separation anxiety?

April and Andy

May 13, 2020
Hi guys!
My ducklings are about 6 weeks old now and CANNOT be separated. They love to be held but only if I am holding both at the same time, and if I only pick up one the other screams until I put it back down. It seems like they have some pretty bad separation anxiety, I’m assuming because they are imprinted on each other. However, it’s getting pretty hard to hold them both since they are so big, and sometimes I have to take one out to clean it up or something. I was wondering if you had any advice on how to ease the ducks anxiety?


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I think it’s just in their nature to behave that way. I would continue working with one at a time, get them used to you being one of their group, and understanding that their buddy will eventually return unharmed.

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When you only have 2 ducks they really do get very imprinted they are the flock. Maybe try sitting down on the floor or lawn and let both get into your lap when you want to hold them.

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