Ducks won't get in pool


11 Years
May 28, 2009
South Central, PA
About 3 weeks ago we replaced our kiddie pool with a 2x4 2ft deep water troth. We went and built up the sides, and added steps into and out of the water. Well, I think they believe they are chickens. They will walk up the stairs, but will only drink out of it. They will also perch on the sides, but will not get in it. The water had been crystal clear for the past 3 weeks so I know they are not getting in it. We put them in it a couple times, and they splash around for about a minute, and then jump/fly out. How can we get them to get in there? It has been muddy for the past week and these guys are getting dirty.
Ducks do take a while to get used to new things...they are suspicious of change. Maybe put peas and lettuce in the water to entice them in? If they really don't like it then maybe give them the kiddie pool back....(or just give the kiddie pool to them now and then so they can have a good wash). They will probably come round to using the new trough eventually. I have one that took a couple of months to venture into an unfamiliar new trough but now she uses it all the time.
Sounds like my ducks. I got a ridged pond liner from a neighbour for the ducks, put it in the yard under the tree, filled it up, made steps and waitied........................and waited.......................and waited. 5 Months later I looked out and 1 was in the pond liner. Out of 12 ducks only 2 go in it, the rest use the kiddy pools.

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