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    Hi, My name is Kathy. I understand I already posted something but I never got the chance to introduce myself and my Ducks. There are so many things I want to know about ducks. I've done alot of reading but it is so much nicer to have people there on the other end who already have the experience and can help me out. So any input would be appreciated. First off I have 5 ducks, 4 females and 1 drake. My drake is a Swedish Blue but he has some green spots on his neck so I guess he has something else in him too, his name is Louie. I have 2 Pekin females Lacey and Lou Lou and not sure exactly what the other 2 are but their names are Pea and Coca.Oh I also have a Banny Chicken I think that's what it's called that lives in the house mostly. I want to know what kind of snacks I can really feed my ducks. Because my ducks love mac and cheese with hot dog and peas and corn. They won't eat anything else, they arn't even really fond of their duck food. So what do I do? I've tried fruits, vegies just about anything that I've read about on different sights and have had no luck. Maybe I'm trying to hard. I just want them to be happy and healthy and enjoy a snack or something good from time to time. My ducks don't lay eggs all the time either well not on a regular basic. I know it has alot to do with food so please help me out. Or just tell me what I'm doing wrong and I will correct it. Their all real healthy and happy I just feel like I'm not doing something I should be. I've never been on one of these board so please bear with me.Thanks for all your help in advance. I am attaching a pic of them.[​IMG]

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    Looks like two Pekin, two khaki and your drake. They should be eatting a layer feed (same as you feed chickens is fine) or all flock (Nutrena) or flock raiser (purina). Treats can be peas, dark leafy greens, grapes, sweet potatoes among other things. Changing their diet will require you sticking to it and not start to worry they don't like their new food. They will come around, but will take some time. Pretty ducks you have, welcome to BYC and the duck thread.
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    yep thats a 2 pekins 2 khakis and the other drake.
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    [​IMG] Make any treats an absolute minimal proportion of their diet.

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    You should introduce some bread and seed to what you are feeding them alitle more each time so they can get used to eating duck food and do you have a lake near by that you can get plants from ducks love the plants in the lake here is my baby with her food and water [​IMG]
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    Welcome to BYC Kathy1313a - thats a nice mixed flock you have- and your girls will thank you for only having the one drake too!!

    If all you offer ( to break their bad habit ) is the pelletized feed- they will not starve- they will eat it eventually when they realise the " candy" you have been feeding them is no longer available. Once you have them back to eating the pellets as the main source of food you can reintroduce treats occasionally. CelticOatsFarm has listed a few " good " treats - but also things like meal worms, watermelon, tomatoes and mango are some favorites in my flock. Bread is something that should be kept to a minimum as it has virtually no nutritional value to a duck.

    There is a great thread up in the stickies of the duck forum which im sure you will find very useful.
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    [​IMG] Welcome Kathy!!!!

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    I think they covered the feed issue so welcome Kathy!!!! [​IMG]
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    Have you tries feeding them scratch grain and giving them red worms for treats? Ducks will usually take to this diet and then you can mix in some regular feed as long as its not medicated.

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    what a sweet pic.

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