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    Hi i have 8 ducks, 3 Rouen, 3 Pekin and 2 Indian Runner. One of the pekin ducks seem to have been driven away from the other ducks. He barely has any contact with them. Is it possible that the other ducks to ostracize his??? Can he be re-indoctrinated to them???

    Any help is greatly appreciated..
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    Duck social structure is mysterious to me. But you can try some things.

    One is to see if there is anything going on health-wise with the duck. Is it a drake? Is there another drake or drakes? They can push each other around quite a bit.
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    I have a snowy call who wouldn't accept our drake; she would fight him and not back down.
    In the end the entire flock pushed her out.

    It's been a long road but 7 months later she has settled down and been accepted back into the family.

    Check for health issues as already suggested but it could be that the bird needs to adjust it's attitude before it will be accepted into the fold.

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