due march 10th, cant wait!! hatch with me :)


11 Years
Nov 6, 2008
i really don't know what to do, I'm so bored. I'm candling tomorrow! ill add pics
oh, sorry
well 3 is better than 0
i hope you get them all to hatch!
what bator are you using?
I have 24 eggs in the 'bator, due March 13. It is my first hatch.
I haven't candled them yet to see if any are fertile, but I hope at least some of them are!
its my firstish hatch too
i hope yours are fertile! i'm so excited to candle tomorrow! day 7
i hope some of them move
I'm using a little giant still air with a turner. It gets a bad rap but honestly it's ok. I noticed since I do not have the fan that the eggs placed directly under the heating unit hatches first. What are you all using?
I have 27 eggs set, Due March 7th.

I will be candling in just a little while.

ETA: Candling completed

we have 25 Developing embroys!!!!!

2 infertile- (discarded tonight)

LG with Fan and AutoTurner-
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We're due march 11th...
9 silkies
3 orps
11 RIR... candleing Thursday, I believe...I keep a callendar next to bator and i write in it what's going on....

just lost power for an hour, i think it's ok tho... kinda like momma getting off the nest.. at least that's what I'm thinking...
no school either, just got 12" of snow....


good hatching vibes going out to ya...
congrats pandora!
do you know what breed of eggs you have?

yea, i read that its a lot like mom getting off the nest, i heard that the hens get off for like hours at a time. i wish i had silkies!

oh yea, I'm candeling today
should i expect to see the embryos moving?
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