Dull Feathers, Please advise.


7 Years
Jun 30, 2012
LP Michigan

Please help me figure out what's going on with my Rouen Duck's molt. The girl in the front is the one I'm concerned about. She's been like this since late Spring. For comparison, her sister (same age, same environment) to the rear has grown all new colored wing patches in just the past 2 weeks, since brooding her ducklings.
My thinking is that I highly doubt a mite infestation, since none of the other flock members show any sign. I believe Miss Dull Feathers has been laying an egg daily, and she's full of her normal friendly personality, so I don't think she's egg bound or ill in any way. Any other ideas, Duck Friends? Thanks in advance.
Do you suppose she needs some kind of vitamin boost? As we know with niacin, ducklings seem to have a range of nutritional needs.

If she were mine, I would start adding some ground up flax seed to the food, and see if she'd take some extra protein treats. Not alot, just a boost.
it's un likely that she will complete her molt until she finishes laying. Eggs are a large nutrient drain on her system, so she probably is channeling all her nutrients into eggs rather than feathers....that's why molt and laying is usually separated.

Looks like she has replaced contour feathers, but n ot wing feathers....primaries, secondaries, or coverts....actually doesn't look like she has dropped them yet.


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