Dumb question--Where do I get chicks?


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Hi! We have one chick (maybe 6 weeks?) that my daughter got from school. I think she's lonely (I've always believed my pets were neurotic) and I'd like to get 1-2 more chicks, because I can already tell I'm going to be an obsessive chicken owner (I love our chick!)

But where do I find them? I've tried Craigslist and nobody ever gets back to me, I live in town and our TSC doesn't have chicks, and I'd like to get some soon so I don't have problems with them being friends. Maybe I'm the neurotic one...

Where do I go?

Thank you BYCers! I've loved reading this forum y'all are the BEST!
From eggs.

where do you live?? And yes, I get mine from feed stores... My first were from Farm & Fleet, the others I got from "the feed store" in chicago... Good luck!
There is a place online that has a minimum order of just 3! It is mypetchicken.com that is the fewest I have seen. Post where you are and maybe someone here is in your area and can help you!
I would go to the where am I where are you section of this site and try to find another BYC member who is local. They can probably help you out.
Wow you guys are fast!

I'm in Fort Wayne Indiana and I don't mind driving. Chicks like car rides, right?

Thanks for the ideas. I'll get to work!
Have your daughter ask her teacher where the chickens came from. There may also be other students who took them home and are having second thoughts. If you still can't find your chick some buddies, a couple dozen BYCers will send you their cockerels, I'm sure! I know my two have your name on them.

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