Dumor Layer Crumbles Question


Mar 30, 2017
Is this feed medicated? Are layer feeds medicated in general? I am on a quest to find non-medicated feed to feed to an emu chick, and others who raise them say that layer crumbles are good but they need non-medicated feed and the package does not say, nor did the store workers know.
Don't trust the store workers.
Read the label.
Medicated feed usually means it contains something called Amprolium.
Which is not an actual "medicine"
The bag says neither, that's why we couldn't tell. The workers even tried looking it up but couldn't find any answers. If it was medicated what would that read as in the ingredients? Anything besides "Amprolium"?
If I can't feed it to emu I'll just feed it to my chickens, but I'm hoping he can have that because it has more calcium and less protein like I read Emu babies need.
Geez just had a senior moment, you are asking about a layer which is never medicated. Sorry, I got it now.:hmm
Good to know, it should be safe to feed to my baby then. Thanks. I'm being really careful with him since out of my three beautiful but expensive eggs, he was the only baby to hatch.
You might not want to feed him layer though. It's lower in protein, and not formulated for growing birds, plus it contains extra calcium which can be harmful. I would find a gamebird starter or grower.
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