Duramycin Information for Egg Laying Hens / Withdrawl Time

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    Duramycin a.k.a tetracycline hydrochloride

    The label and online sites listing Duramycin state " Not for use with laying hens" and that has been repeated throughout this and other forums. By reading the label you might assume that to cure or protect the chicken that you can never use the eggs its produces again -- this is what some of the other posts have suggested.

    I want to eat the eggs that these baby chicks will lay but, I was still unsure and concerned so I contacted Durvet directly and spoke with Mark G.

    Duramycin 10
    Durvet recommends:

    1. Duramycin can be given to chicks at anytime before 16 weeks (this is what it is made for.)

    2. For hens already laying (16 week or older) : Do not use eggs for 21 days after treatment ends.

    Link for Durvet Contacts:

    Link for Duramycin:
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