During their journey, new hens got poopoo on their feathers! How should I clean them?


Dec 29, 2016
The title basically says it all. I got 9 new hens yesterday (yay!) and during the journey home they were in cardboard boxes and some must've lost their balance with the car's motion as they've managed to get poo on themselves. Maybe you'll be able to see in the photo attached.

Obviously I've got concerns regarding hygiene, and I'm especially concerned for the white-feathered hens in case they'll be left stained.

Should I bathe them? In warm water, maybe add a bit of chicken-safe animal shampoo to it? Or should I go in by hand with a damp flannel? I did try this last idea this morning with one of the Sussexes but I couldn't properly get to the lower layers of feathers this way. I'd really appreciate anyone's advice! Also, any name suggestions are welcomed ;)

Thanks, Jodie


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