1. My Pretty Pekins

    How do you keep a dovecote clean?

    Hello! I currently have 8 doves, 2 of which are only just flying. They are managing to do a huge amount of droppings around their dovecote, and I can't find any way to keep the area clean. Does anyone have any tips? Thank you!
  2. yodelinginca

    Help! Winter run maintenance- PU!

    Ok. So we have a 4x6 coop for our 5 hens, all covered & enclosed. However, our 6x10 run doesn't have a solid roof so when it rains the ground gets REALLY muddy. Normally we clean out the run once a week, but aside from collecting uneaten scraps we can't clean the droppings in the mud (we just...
  3. Stephi2dope


    Credit for this goes to my Silkiez: if it wasnt for you apperently hosting Poopapalooza '19 in the coop last night and your lovley poopoo feather paint jobs smh i never seen soo much poo on a bird let alone multiple all at once SMH) (im very proud that this idea came into my life, wish i...
  4. festivalfire

    How to clean my ducks

    I have two very pretty white ducks and they are almost perfectly white except for their heads and their stained undersides. I was wondering if there is any way to clean them off. They are stained brown and I've washed them in dawn and they bathe themselves everyday in a pool but it never comes...
  5. ZoomuKeeper

    Deep Bedding

    When using the deep bedding method in the coop how often do all of you change it out completely? I was so use to cleaning and sanitizing my coop every week and basic cleaning everyday. My life was revolving around my chickens and it seemed I had no time for anything else so I read about deep...
  6. Mtnboomer

    Intermediate Waterer for 4wk+ old chicks

    Hello everyone, So my chicks (11) are doing great, but they keep "fowling" :) their waterer with bedding and poo. Its the mason jar screwed into a plastic base type. So I am having to dump it and freshen it every hour or so. I have tried hanging it but they top it and spill more than they...
  7. Chickadooo

    What to put under pine shavings in nesting boxes?

    My hens apparently like to kick out the layer of news paper and shred it for fun. Makes a mess of the boxes. What else should I put under the shavings? I'd like to put something, so when it's time to clean it's easier..
  8. cluckkatie

    Keeping a Clean Coop in a Small Space

    Hi, I’m looking for a way to keep my coop clean with such a small space. There’s a gravel flooring, which I sprinkle some hay on top, but so much poop builds up that it becomes a mountain. How do you maintain the cleanliness of your coop? I’ve heard that some people use sand.. looking for any...
  9. J-mama

    Keeping Isolated Duck clean

    I have a duck who was attacked by a dog. He had a pretty significant wound behind his leg and a couple other less major punctures. This happened Sunday. Since then, I have been doing warm baths, wound cleaning and applying Vetricyn and antibiotic ointment. It got a little chilly here to put him...
  10. Sire12

    Can you use tarp sheets to line a chicken run to make it easier to clean?

    I'm moving soon and I'm going to make a narrow run for my chickens about 4-5 foot wide and 40 foot long, it's going to be connected to their coop and nest boxes and il only put them in here when it's dark so for most of the day they will have free run of the rest of the garden - but since their...
  11. T

    Thoughts on bleaching

    After designing and implementing a clean water system, I've also been advised to add about 1/2 tablespoon of regular bleach per 5 gallon bucket of drinking water. The purpose is to sanitize the system out as it waters. Sounds like a pretty good idea to me. Does anyone have any reason why this...
  12. Thechickentrainer1999

    What is the best waterer to use?

    I'm finishing up my coop I'm building and I've been wanting to order the chicken automatic drinking cups but when I go to amazon reviews, they have very poor reviews. What should I do? Is there anything better than the automatic drinking cups? Should I get an outdoor garden fountain? I don't...
  13. Egg - Static

    clean random funny posts

    This thread may be something a few of you will enjoy. Feel free to post some of your own or post your thoughts!
  14. AgentJeffy

    To wash. Or not to wash. That, is the question.

    Hey everyone! So this is going to be more of a collection of ideas all in one place for chicken eggs. I'm aware of the pros and the cons of egg washing for the most part. But I still think this would be a useful thread for anyone looking for the arguments from both sides, as well as a poll to...
  15. Ra_

    Adjustable nesting boxes

    It's not the size that's adjustable. I make individual sizes for my Dixie Rainbow, Barred Rock and Serama. It's the ventilation, temperature and privacy that is adjustable. Once a bird gets locked into setting on her eggs, I can remove the covering and let her get some air in the heat of the day...
  16. Thechickentrainer1999

    Dirty vent. Please help!

    Over the last few weeks, I've noticed my chicken's comb turning purple. Some days it's not very noticeable and other days it is. Today it was very purple. What does this mean? I've noticed she has been drinking a lot when I let her out the last couple of days. I'm starting to wonder if maybe...
  17. jmkrusch

    Easy Clean Chicken Nesting Boxes (with dimensions and pictures)

    Hi all, I just redid our chicken nesting boxes, and thought I would share! Below are some photos of the coop. Each box is just a 2$ "dish bin" from the dollar store (this way we can remove and clean as needed - the bins are not actually attached, but resting on the bars). The wood for the...
  18. Keeperoflock

    Comb Injury and Possible Infection

    I have a 5 mo. old Leghorn that was a victim of an over zealous rooster that got rehomed yesterday. :hit I've been putting antibiotic ointment on it for a couple weeks. When I first noticed it there was just a couple little nicks in it but I'm of the pro-active type and wanted to head infection...
  19. NineChickens

    How do people keep silkies clean?!

    I can't even keep my normal feathered girls clean! They're always out even when it rains and takes lots of dust, sometimes slightly mud, baths. I see so many pictures of silkies that are all clean. I told myself I'd never own one because she'd look messier than a duck! Just a random question
  20. lemonie12

    How to clean eggs for sell

    Hi! I'm newer at this chicken thing and could use a little help! I'm not even sure if this is the section I need to be in :-)... I have several hens and I'm getting quite a bit of eggs now that they're laying, like 40 a day!! I'd like to sell them in town or at a farmers market. I live in Kansas...
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