Dust bath


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Dec 19, 2013
Olathe Colorado
I have no opinion as far as using DE for chickens in any manner.
But I do sprinkle it around the foundation of my house to kill scorpions. It's far from instant, but it does seem to work. Since I started using it I don't have nearly as many live ones crawling around through my house, but I've found lots of dead ones. And I much prefer the dead ones. :p


Oct 23, 2019
New York
My chickens seem to prefer a sunny strip by the fence to do dust bath. it's out in the yard of their own choice. We dug an area in the run filled up with play sand, which they rarely use it at all. The run doesn't have much direct exposure. Is it the major reason? Also, how do you keep the dust/sand super dry? I guess the sand bath in our run isn't very dry either - given the distance to their water fountain.
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