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6 Years
Mar 20, 2013
Explanation... but if you want to get to my question it is below, bolded.
My hens got lice. I started with DE and Poultry Protection. Well within two weeks the lice population EXPLODED and I lost a chicken. I had another very ill one so I took her into the vet to see what we could use to nip it in the butt ASAP. She said I had most likely lost that other bird do to anemia as the lice they were infested with (BAD) was biting lice. She examined them for a good 20 minutes under a microscope and sure enough, and all the ones she kept picking off or crawling off of her were filled full with my hens blood. So an awful lice infestation. I was told by the poultry vet to use permethrin powder on the birds and premise spray for my coop. My coop is kept extremely clean. It is a 8x12 walk in coop with wooden floor. I have poo boards that I scrap daily. I have 3" of sand as the bedding that I scoop daily. I also keep all feathers out. So she said to spray the coop down once with my mixed premise spray. Then she said to dust the chickens 3x every 2 weeks.

My Question... The more I read after I got home everyone recommends dusting the chickens every week... I feel like if I wait and do it every 2 weeks I will never catch up on the egg/lice hatching. So I plan to do it every Monday for 3x,...?
DE works as a deterrent. If you already have an infestation, it does very little. You need an insecticide. 5% sevin dust works well. There are other treatments. Follow your vet's advice.
Keeping the coop very clean won't prevent lice or mites. While you are treating, I would empty the coop of all contents and treat it. Then, when you treat chickens again, do so for the coop as well.
I used D E as a preventive and added to their food (just a little) and had great results, But agree probly to late to use as a cure for this infestation, But maybe worth a try one you get this under control. Sounds like a very big task, Good Luck.
So my question that I am concerned with is how often to dust for an infestation? Every 2 weeks like the vet says or I was going to do it once a week. If I do it ever 2 weeks I am afraid I would never get control over the eggs hatching... ya know?

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