Dutch Hookbills-How big? & Raptor risk?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by mominoz, Jan 22, 2011.

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    I have some Dutch hookbills on order from Holdereads and have been researching them, but really can't find out how big they actually are....... Some put them in light duck class.I was wondering how tall and rough weight ? Not much info out ther on sizing.
    Partly because I live in a rural area with lots of predators. I have secure night pens and let my Runner ducks and geese free range in a fenced area around the house in daytime. Haven't had any problems with winged predators, but do see Coopers or Redwing hawks perching in nearby trees, sure they are eyeing my mini-appleyards who are in secured pens day and night , but assume my runners at 2.5 feet tall are too imposing to attack. I also have 'day-yards' with 4 ft fencing and hotwires if I choose not to let everyone out to graze, but could net one if adult hookbills would be at risk.
    Can someone give me a size and if they'd be at risk from hawks?
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    Annarie has Dutch Hookbills. Havent seen her on round the duck pages much lately- but she may see this and respond to you- otherwise maybe you could try sending here a PM with your questions.

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