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    Mar 5, 2012
    My 10 new standard sized chicks shipped on 4/8 and now it's the 17th of April. Nine of the chicks (all hens) are growing like normal - wings getting longer, legs and necks taller, etc. But one little baby is not growing. She still looks like she's 2 days old! I've had to clean her vent almost every day because she gets plugged. Any idea what's happening? She's peppy and eating and drinking - just not growing.
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    May 3, 2009
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    Occasionally there is a chick that exhibits 'failure to thrive'. Sometimes it is a congenital problem that eventually results in the death of the chicks. Upon occasion a chick will seem to spontaneously recover and eventually catch up to its flock mates. Hopefully your chick falls into the second group.
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    Hello. I've had dwarfism in my Call Ducklings 3 times. I've never had it with Chicks. The longest lived died at 6 weeks and was the sized of a 2 day old Duckling too. It never got any feathers. It was always just downy.
    Best of luck..

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