6 Years
Aug 17, 2016
I recently hatched several marans, and one of them is TINY. I mean, REALLY tiny-- the photos below are of her with one of her hatchmates. They're both a few days old. Is this one just simply small/the runt, or is something else going on here? Her body seems short, so I almost wonder if she has a form of dwarfism? Any thoughts? She seems happy, but if she doesn't get bigger soon I'll keep her with my serama babies instead of with the other large fowl babies!
She seems happy enough, for what it's worth, and appears to be eating and drinking normally-- but she is getting pushed around a bit by the bigger chicks in the brooder, so I don't think they can all stay together much longer.

IMG_2797.JPG IMG_5860.JPG IMG_8610.JPG IMG_3000.JPG
Sometimes it just happens. I hatch some Easter Eggers from my flock a few months ago, and one is just tiny. She's 10 weeks old, and the same size as her 6 week old siblings. I've named her Itty Bitty. First time it's ever happened when hatching my own eggs.
It's an indication that some new blood needs to be injected into the gene pool.
Thanks! These are marans I bought from a local breeder, and I do wonder if perhaps his gene pool needs diversifying. I think the one's body seems a bit stumpy...I'll keep an eye on her! I'm going to move her in with a singleton serama baby as soon as it hatches, since she's getting stomped a bit in Gen Pop. :)

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