Dying Chicken? Unknown cause

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    May 9, 2016
    When I went to feed my chickens I saw that one of them was laying on the floor on her side and her legs stretched out I tried to make her stand up but she just fell as if her legs weren't working I quickly tried to do anything once I saw that she was breathing heavily.( btw these are my first chickens so I don't know what to do) and I got her some water and she was drinking it I fed her some bread and she was also eating it but her legs still weren't working. Before this there was an egg that was obviously hers because she's the only one out of the two that lays white eggs and I don't know if her laying too many eggs could have caused this and she is still like this i don't know how long she's been like this. Is there anyone with a similar story and solved it because I did some research and those with similar problems, their chickens died and I just don't want to see her suffering anymore. 5/9/16 6:01PM
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    The main cause of paralysis in chickens is Mareks, and botulism. A neck or back injury could cause it too. How old is your hen? Check for moldy feed and bugs like maggots or beetles. Observation and rest is all you can do, if you see no improvement in a week or so than it's probably best to cull.
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    Are you in an area where scorpions are present? If one of those buggers hits a chook on the foot, it can paralyze them for a day or two untill the chicken's body metabolizes the venom.

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