dying suddenly


9 Years
Mar 26, 2010
I have lost four of my chickens (counting the post mature chick) within the last 10 days. Alice & Junior died very ickly, Alice 20 minutes aftr I found her sick, & Junior at 6:03 that night. They had the same symptoms, lethargy, pale comb & wattles, A flurry of activity before the last gasp, & then they both died in my arms. I was sick with e coli for aweek& during that tim Sandy, my lesbian dutch banty died, same symptoms. I'm distraught as I dontknow what is killing them. They are all shivering & my arguements with the owner of the farm go nowhere. I want to ut heatlamps in the coop, he's afraid it would sarta fire & burn his shop down. Now Mrs Fluffy Puffy, a cochin, her wattles & comb are going very pale & I'm afraid she will be next. Wally's her partner & he sounds like he has a sore throat when he crows.

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