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    Oct 14, 2009
    My little girl deserves an award of persistency.
    After almost 4 weeks of nursing my partly paralized girl, symptoms of Mareks, I treated with vitamins, and flushing all poison of her system she finally she seemed to improve.
    However, I noticed yesterday her right ear lobe is swollen and full of white push. She was the last 5 days on prednisone, I hope this medication was not the cause. I did not dare to push the white stuff out as I did not want to hurt or infect her. I think this mush have hurt her a lot. Is there anything I can give her ASAP? The prednisone cure is finished tomorrow, so do I give her antibiotics and if so what kind? Do I leave it alone or try to get more out?

    Also, I was told by my natural path, that Hypericum (latin for St Johns Worth) helps with pain. anybody more information on that? And how much do I give her if so? I try to upload a picture of her, but go ahaed and post this already.
    thanks people. I feel I joined a new family.

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