Early Eggs!


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Mar 28, 2009
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We just found our first 2 eggs yesterday. Our flock was hatched the first week of March and now a mere 15 weeks later we've got eggs! It was so thrilling to go out there and find them. We put two nest boxes up a week ago and we've been keeping an eye on them. I walked out to the house yesterday, peeked inside and didn't see eggs in the boxes but glanced on the ground and there they were. Not one but TWO little eggs. We have no idea who laid them but are proud egg-parents all the same.

As a new chook lover, i have a question or two for all you old-timers...Once they start laying will they already be up to one egg every 26 hours? Or does it take a while for them to get into the rhythm? Our nest boxes show evidence of the girls going in there to check it out but how long until they start laying eggs in there? We are using recycled plastic bins that cat litter comes in. Saw lots of posts of people using 5 gal. buckets and figured that these bins were basically the same thing only square. But now i wonder if they are too small - thoughts?

I am just so excited to finally have eggs after all this time. Our flock is a great addition to our home and we have learned so much from BYC!


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Congrats on the new eggs
Nothing beats finding those first eggs!

I tried the kitty litter pails when mine first started laying and they would not lay in them. So we built some wooden nest boxes and they immediately began laying in them. I had one or two that kept laying on the floor, but I picked them up and moved them to the nest boxes when I saw them, and it only took one or two times before they "got it.

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