Early red comb?

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8 Years
Jul 24, 2011
Clovis NM
This is my first time with bantams. I have an assortment of bantam chicks (Mostly Cochins and Brahmas). This Wednesday they will be four weeks old. Here's my question. It seems to me that some of these chicks are getting huge red combs extremely fast! Some of them barely have wing feathers. Is this a bantam thing or is it possibly because they are already out in their coop (It's quit hot here even at night so they don't need the lamp) and they are getting sun light and that is why? I raised standards for years at my folks place but this is just seeming odd lol or maybe my yr of not being around chickens I've lost my touch
I can post pictures. Even some of the Brahmas are turning red already...
They are probably males.

Oh most likely lol
I just don't remember even my males reddening this fast.

Your right it could be the heat too

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