Earthworms and hot dogs

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    Well folks, I thought I would get a general viewpoint from you all before you think my aunt is off her rocker! [​IMG]

    Upon the discussion of hot dogs and their ingredients, my aunt informed me that her friend saw/heard on a show how they process hotdogs is that they do add earthworms in the products. Did not say what brand or country it was from.

    Now is this TRUE??????? I am very certain that the USDA would not allow earthworms in meat byproducts for general public eating habits. I do understand that they mean that earthworms would be considered a delicacy to foreign countries (as Bizarre Foods by Andrew Zimmermann, is a good one).

    So therefore, my aunt refused to eat hotdogs because of the ingredients containing earthworms and now my mom who loves a good grilled hot dog would not eat them anymore.

    I can not find any meat or food manufactors that uses earthworms as part of the ingredients in their supply. Anyone knows or what story did my aunt's friend came up with???? I love to blow this myth out so we all can get back to eating grilled hotdogs over the campfire!

    I am still going to eat hot dogs, brats and so forth, they are goooood!

    Pass the mustard, please!
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    yummmmm, hot dogs! hot dogs with worms... Have to think about that one...
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    My SIL told my nephew and his wife that the reprobate "something" in hotdogs was earth worms. Well, my nephew and spouse are in the service, went back to Italy, told their friends and everyone on base stopped eating hotdogs. When they were back home this Christmas my SIL "came clean" about the info not being true and i thought they were going to kill him because everyone they knew had stopped eating hotdogs.

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