East TN Free auracauna x RIR rooster


7 Years
Jul 12, 2015
Grand Haven, Michigan
Two years old and he is a proven flock defender on multiple occasions, even lost his tail defending the girls from a loose dog. We put the flock in a run because of these attacks but we have three roosters now and a small flock of 10 hens. We range as much as we can while we are present, but they are getting worn out by these guys. He is very good with people and domestic animals (dogs, cats, goats, etc.), and will bring food he finds to the hens and drop it at their feet. We also have an all white Americauna rooster, but he is mean and will probably end up in freezer camp. But if someone doesn't mind a mean rooster, he is beautiful and best of all FREE.
if it were me i would just let him out to guard your yard, my hens were fenced in a large round center run surrounding the hen house & my mean roo was fenced out on his own free to roam my land , he was a bad roo but only towards humans , he had a few wild cats a bunny as friends HA, he stayed mostly out in the front yard & he would attack any one who dare enter but me , that really came in handy when my husband was in hospital for months & i was alone living in a rural area right on the Mexican border, i was very glad to have him , he did his watch rooster job well , i had beware of attack rooster signs up on my front gates, no one dare enter when they saw my giant mean red roo standing guard over the front gates HA, he was a new Hampshire red we ended up with him by accident in an order of chicks , but i have to say i will never forget him Big Bad Chicky boy for his loyalty to me and his dedication in doing his job well.
maybe some person might like to have your roo for a pet they make nice pets all except for the crowing that is, but if he is very good with people and domestic animals, i think roosters make wonderful sweet self sufficient pets all except for the crowing that is, so who ever will give him a new home should not have a lot neighbors very close by ;) i have 8 roos right now & neighbors tell me they like to hear them HA but im glad for that goodness me you dont hear of that very often HA , i wish you good luck finding a new home for your roo he sounds like quite a good fellow. :thumbsup:frow

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