Easter Egger? Different from the rest...


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Aug 1, 2016
I have a four month old hen that I received from a straight run pack of random chicks from Murray McMurray. Three of the hens I received are DEFINITELY EE's: the pea comb, big brown eyes, grayish green legs. But, this little hen sticks out from the rest because of her oddly shaped comb, size, face shape, eyes, and foot color. Her feet are more yellow, her eyes are smaller and more beady and black, her face is more bare and featherless, her ear is green, and she's very tiny. Her comb is knobby and has two rows of little knobs.


She's smaller than my small polish hens and I'm very confused as to what she is! The other EEs in my coop have greyer legs, but the eyes and pea combs just scream "EE" to me.
So that's what that comb is called- thank you Queen Misha

They're unusual aren't they, eh? I love Buttercups. In addition to their lovely, silly combs (and that is my favorite part of any chicken!) they have very wild personalities. Mine slept in a tree for the eight months I had her. I tried everything - locking her in the coop, moving her nightly, nothing helped. Every night she was there in the manzanita trees 12' up in the air. She slept up there through the worst storm of the year (20F temps, snow, hail, thunder n lightning and all that) and look peachy keen and happy as could be the next day. Crazy, crazy bird, tough as nails and super cute too. I've wanted another one ever since the yotes got her.

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