Easter Egger - found lost wandering the forest--Rooster or hen?


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Sep 30, 2014
So My husband has been working up in the hills nearby and has been telling me of this easter egger that would follow him around at the site begging for food.
We started to feel sorry for it as it was getting kinda skinny.

He finally brought it home, and I was wondering ...Hen or rooster?

My husband and the crews out there said they'd never heard her/it crow.
And it appears tame, sat in my husbands lap to be pet.

**Funny story,

One of the guys was kinda nervous about her following them around each day....and at one point he ran.
So, ...Ok kids, if something is following you...and you run...what is going to happen?
Hehe, so the guys are still teasing him of being scared of a chicken.

So I am keeping MayDay, haha, in that dog travel kennel for a bit to let them all make scary chicken noises at each other till it gets boring.
Any hints on bringing one new one in?

I have 4 hens, Melody, my 'definitely a pullet' easter egger, Harmony, my Teddy Bear Buff Orpington and my 2 Wyandottes Nova and Vega.

Good thing she was rescued... she wouldn;t have lasted much longer. They're dinner to almost everything in the woods.
and yes they have coyotes in those hills. Probably more I don't know of too.
Okay, makes me think of this shirt someone posted on FB....


Agree you have a cute Easter Egger hen.

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