Easter Egger genetics - how do the make them?

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  1. I'm asking this just out of curiosity; the information I've seen says that EE's are hybrid birds, so what breeds they use for each parent?

    Are EE's the offspring of the same breed of rooster and same breed hen, or is one parent always one breed and the other parent whatever breed they happen have around?

    I know nothing about genetics...

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    To make an easter egger take a bird with a blue egg gene (say araucana or ameracauna) breed with another breed or a different color of the same breed and viola! you have an easter egger.
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    That last one is cute [​IMG] There's nothing wrong with liking EEs, but it does seem like kind of a shame to want them to be, and insist on their being, something they're not... They are a perfectly fine variety of chicken.

    Btw, in poultry parlance, EEs are not really hybrids--a hybrid is usually a first generation cross (hence the term "hybrid vigor" which is produced by a brand new combination of genes). EEs are a mixed variety, meaning there's a different recipe depending on strain. Most have some blue-egg-layer genes in there somewhere, though.
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    EE's are great and lots of people like them. I would contact some Ameraucana and Araucana breeders and get chicks from them in assorted colors then mix the 2 groups together and throw in some brown egg layers like a Speckled Sussex and a Delaware, anything really and start from there. There is a big market for quality EE's just be clear on what you have and honest in that you are not selling pure Amreaucana or Araucana. I know there are lots of people who would like to buy them. [​IMG]

    Good Luck
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    I know this is an old thread, but after reading many Marans pages, I couldn't help but giggle at this page!
    Thanks for sharing!!!!

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