Easter Egger or Ameraucana


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Apr 13, 2014
These are my new babies which I'm hoping are all pullets they were sol to me as ameracunas but I'm thinking they are Easter Eggers which was originally what I wanted. Any ideas????




If they are feed store chicks then they are most likely from a hatchery and are most likely Easter Eggers. Sadly, hatcheries are always selling their EE's as Araucanas or Ameraucanas. Keep an eye on that light yellow stripey guy. Sometimes the lighter colored ones turn out to be roosters. Another 6 or 7 weeks and you'll be able to sex them much more easily.
Kieksterchicken I was thinking the longer I look at the light one is going to be a roo!!! I already have three Roos and don't need any more in may be bidding farewell to two white leghorn Roos if any of these turn out to in fact be Roos!! Oh I will also mention that they came from a woman who is new at breeding not a hatchery! Thank you both for your input I can't wait to see how they look
lol, it is mostly a waiting game as far as sexing them goes. The light one could be a female too. Stop watching the white one and maybe it'll turn out to be a pullet..lol! I'll be thinking pullet for you.
They're EEs, as there are no Ameraucanas or Araucanas that look like this as chicks, while that chipmunk look is classic EE.

You can't really tell EE sex this young, and they are really hard to sex by comb development. Once they have most of their true feathers you can post again and we can sex them by color, most likely.
Thank you for the good pullet vibes. I'll be sure to post pics as they grow I can hardly wait to see what their coloring will be!!

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