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    I have 6 Easter Eggers that are pullets from this spring. Once they began laying, each one was laying eggs of varied shades of blue to green. As the weather turned cold, I am no longer finding colored eggs from the EE girls. I have 24 other layers of varied breeds and they all lay brown eggs. I am wondering if it is typical for EEs to lay brown eggs in winter, and will they turn blue to green again in spring? Or is it more likely they've stopped laying all together? Thanks!
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    They may have stopped laying to molt.
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    Sounds like the EE have stopped laying. Egg color won't change (e.g., from green to brown), although you might see slight variations in shade even with the same hen. In other words, the green of an EE's egg may be a bit lighter or darker depending on where she is in her lay cycle.

    EE tend to be a bit more temperamental than some other breeds (e.g., RIR, barred rocks) when it comes to laying, with some ceasing to lay when it gets too cold or hot. As EE are a mixed breed, there's a great deal of variation in their rate of lay. Some lay poorly and some lay really well.
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