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    Dec 2, 2016
    So we chose our flock based on more or less girls that are easy going. I thought I read that easter eggers were very gentle, etc. Our two easter eggers and the buff brahma can frequently be seen in a "cock fight" stance throughout the day. IT has been a few weeks since all were placed together. Is it possible they are still trying to settle on the pecking order?

    Our other birds that were being picked on have settled in and do not seem to be as bother or as picked on anymore. These three girls are just full of it at times.

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    One of them may be a roo.Sometimes it takes a looong time to chill out and let pecking order things fall in place, especially if they were just recently put together. I doubt that breed temperament is playing a big role. All my ee's are little wimps [​IMG]
  3. Pecking order is is constantly changing in a flock of Birds or at least others try to get to the top in the pecking order.....
    Always a Top Hen in all flocks...Without a Rooster to put them in there place, the Hens can bicker and argue......They will figure it out....Silly Birds....


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