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Sep 24, 2009
NorthEast, In
I got this idea off another site. Don't have the source. But I tryed it and it worked great.
1. I used a new five gallon bucket with lid.
2. Bought a rubbar feed bucket that the five gallon bucket would sit inside of with about two iches all around. make sure it's one that is a low feed bucket about 4 inch high sides.
3. Cut out three holes in the bottom of the five gallon bucket equal distance to each other. Each opening is about 2 inches wide and shapes in a mouse hole shape.
4. Screwed the five gallon bucket to the bottom of the rubbar feeder, or when the feed gets low the hens will tip it over.
5. Fill it with feed. I've used both crumbles and pellets. I will soon be making another small on for oyster crumbles.
Total cost: I got a free bucket from Ace hardware on a deal they had. $2.00 for a lid and about $6 for the rubbar feed bucket. Try it and let me know if you like it.
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Is this the style of feeder you are talking about. I too made one it works great the only difference is I added a funnel in the center of the bucket(pointy end up) to feed the pellets towards the holes.
Great idea, I will try this and hang
in the coops great for the cold months coming ,no need to have to fill every day.I bought a 5gal.water feed and the cost 40.00
these pets better greet me with a smile everyday.

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