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  1. emit

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    Feb 3, 2009
    Charleston WV
    I know this my sound funny but I think my chickens eat during the night. I check everything at dark and I am in the coop at daylight an the food is almost gone? They are 8weeks old. I hatched 15 an that is all that is in the coop.(new coop no mice or rats) At dark their on roost and when I go in in the morning they are still on roost? Any one else have this going on?

  2. Imp

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    If there is a light in the coop they will eat at night. But eating in darkness-not sure, kinda doubt it, but maybe.

    Imp-trying but not succeeding to be helpful, much.
  3. Is there a light turned on in the coop all night ?
  4. honeygo4

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    Feb 22, 2009
    I have 5 week old buff opringtons that are eating at night. I do turn a light on for them at night, because they are all trying to get as close to each other as they can and I figure they are a little cold when the sun goes down. However I have not turned the light on tonight, they have not started bunching up yet tonight, it is still close to 90 degrees at 10 pm.

    My 16 week old RIRs are not eating at night. I don't have a light on for them, they have all their feathers.

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