Eating moles?


12 Years
Apr 14, 2007
I went to the coop a few minutes ago to find the flock doing the 'keep away' with what looked like guts and blood.. Most have blood on their chest, chin areas and I saw one of the big BO with a really bloody (guts) part and down it went , then I saw the new Dominique pullet, grab something furry, what looked like the back end of a mole w/ leg, foot (?) and saw her swallow it. Now it sounds like it's stuck in her thoat.. after watching her for 10min. she sounds better but NOT normal...

IS this a big problem? She ate mill worms w/ the other girls and seems fine, just before I came in.. She isn't stretching her neck--just sounds funny.. She was not making this noise at 7 am this morning.. because I picked her up and loved her and she was fine..

I also checked all the other girls and roo to make sure they had no raw places on them before I saw the foot/hair tuffs.. Everyone is fine..

IS there anything I can do to help this girl?? Thanks for any and all help/suggestions..
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I have no help to offer. Sorry.

But I was excited to hear that they lay waste to little moles. I've got a number of them. Let the games begin!
A 5cc syringe full of mineral oil would probably help. In her haste, she probably just swallowed the mole parts wrong--the mineral oil will help it slide on down. Either way, she'll probably be fine.
She is still making that same noise.. Now I am really worried.. She ate collards and more mealworms this afternoon.. Looks fine, acts fine but sounds strange. This is the same pullet, who was a stray, who I kept quaratined for 5+weeks and then introduced her to the flock.. She has been with them doing great for weeks..

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