Eating Snow

I don’t want to sound judgey and please forgive me if it comes across that way. You raise your flock how you see fit. They are yours and everyone has their own point of view. I am assuming you posted because you want people to respond so I will.

I suppose they could survive that way but why would you want them to have to do so? Just because an animal can survive that way does not mean it will thrive. A little 33 degree water might be a nice treat on a subzero day.
I am being judgmental - chickens need fresh, clean water to digest their food. Digestion keeps them warm in winter. They need more water in winter because they eat more food in winter. Therefore, they need more than just snow.

I am also blessed to have the resources and my hubby’s support, so have invested in a metal five gallon waterer and a heated base so the flock will have clean, unfrozen water all winter. Now they’ll have fresh water that won’t lower their core temperature...
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I agree with the above posts. Eating snow will lower their core temperature, requiring them to consume more feed to keep pace with the hypothermia taking place. It's better to just give them fresh water at least twice a day.
x2, especially in truly cold climates. I guarantee you my flock would be mostly dead in a week if I tried that. Do they eat some snow? Yeah, sure, but they all run for the waterer whenever I refill it with fresh warm water.
additionally eating snow burns calories that chickens could otherwise use to keep warm... it takes calories to warm it up to a temp that the body can use/digest it... some animals do ok with this, most do not...

see the bit on eating snow ;)

also you would need to eat a LOT of snow to equal a little bit of water, which would lower your core temp considerably
Can't you keep a few water jugs in the house near a wood stove or heater? I've seen your other posts about not wanting to carry water jugs. I carry 16 gallons a day, 8 in winter just so every single bird gets water. If you can't keep them hydrated they will be more likely to get frostbite especially with your temps.

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