Eating turkey eggs?

we just started getting them. 4 so far. I was finding them outside where our chicks always lay in the nesting boxes & these eggs were much larger and white with brown speckels. Figured out they were from our BBB's. what a bonus! Ate two this morning (scrambled) & they were very good! Much like a chicken egg with more of the whiite.
No kidding? You can tell? I will be sure to make a cake next spring

I eat the first few from each hen in the spring just to make sure they're fertile. The yolks don't mix as well as chicken eggs, but they tasted fine.
We eat them all the time. Other than being larger and harder to crack I can't say I notice any difference in taste between them and chicken eggs produced on the same pasture and fed the same feed.
They do taste the same but as A.T, said, they are harder to crack but not as hard as a guinea egg! They have a membrane under the shell that is very thick. Chicken and turkey eggs are different on free range birds due to eating grasses and bugs. It makes the eggs richer and a darker yolk.
So turkey eggs sound similar to duck eggs? Harder shell, harder membrane.. ?? We discovered some funny looking chicken eggs on the ground in our yard for the past 4 days... Oh. Wait. They are turkey eggs!! whoops!!
I LOVE turkey eggs scrambled!!! So rich tasting.

I always collect the first ones they lay in early spring before they start getting broody. The yolks are so rich and thick it is harder to get them mixed. Tried them fried sunny side up once, wasn't quite as good as chicken eggs. I like dunking toast in the yolk but turkey yolk was a little too thick! Good, but thick.

The hardest thing is deciding between chicks or eggs!

We don't have any toms. So we scrambled them all up this morning. They were pretty good! Not as rich as a duck egg! The shell was super sharp when I was cracking it---and the membrane was WAY thicker than a duck egg too. I think I'd eat another over a duck egg any day.

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