Eating turkey eggs?

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by Chicken225, Aug 28, 2011.

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    We have turkey eggs, duck eggs and chicken eggs. The turkeys day range and the ducks and chickens are pastured. This year I noticed the turkey eggs had a distinct "barnyard" smell when cooking them. This also affected the flavor. "Barnyard" smell/flavor is something they chart when tasting whisky or cheese ... it isn't necessarily a bad thing ... but it can take a certain "refinement" to appreciate. [​IMG]

    I think using chicken eggs as a base ...

    Duck eggs have slightly more flavor than chicken eggs -- but a very similar flavor with no extra taste/aftertaste. The whites are a bit more "sticky" when raw and more rubbery when cooked ... it can be a bit difficult to get all the white out of the shell, so I like to use a spoon to scrape it out, but I remember the first time I had some trouble dealing with the stringy stickiness of it. Duck egg yolks are larger are more gelatinous (less likely to overcook) than chicken eggs. Duck egg shells are very smooth and porcelain-like. Duck eggs are harder to crack, but can be cracked cleanly if using a thin spatula to crack them.

    Turkey eggs have the barnyard aroma and flavor (this was much more distinct this year than last year, so it could have been a fluke either way). The yolks of the turkey eggs are smaller and firmer. When cooked, the yolks are more grainy. The whites of turkey eggs can be more runny than chicken or duck eggs. The shells of turkey eggs are thick and crumbly and hard to crack cleanly ... also the membranes are thick and strong. I haven't found a great way to crack turkey eggs yet, but generally I crack the shell just enough to get a knife into the membrane, then I use my thumbs to pry it open, then I clean up the mess.

    Good nutritional info exists to compare chicken and duck eggs, but I'm not sure good info is available for turkey eggs.

    I sure got a LOT of turkey eggs this year ... BBB turkeys.
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    I think I just as soon not eat a buzzard egg tho.
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    Says who?
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    I absolutely agree. The cholesterol and fats have gotten such a bad rap in the last 10 years. Pharm companies has brain washed us and scared us to the point of trashing our yolks for whites only!!!! WHAT???? Throw away your yolks??? Our very best food is going down the drain along with your pocketbook and health because we are taught not to eat the yolk and take this statin drug. You'll be so much healthier and don't worry about that bone pain you'll feel because we can give you something else to help with that. Not to say I would throw out all of my drugs if I needed it But! Too much of any one thing is not good. That's why we are provided a bountiful variety of wonderful health foods. The healthiest (and skinniest) people I know eat 2-3 eggs every single morning with no negative side effects. From an RN that has learned to hate the Pharmaceutical companies. They can single-handedly run us and this country...but that's another thread...
    .just eat your eggs.
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