Eating wild birds.


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May 19, 2017
Swamps of Texas
The old timers talked of the spring Robin migration and hunting them for soup. Blackbirds are crop depredators and I was told to startle them out of the field, wait for them to fly back into a ball and shoot into the ball to get as many as possible. This is subsistence hunting and illegal depending on species. During the Great Depression, people hunted everything.

Doves are a type of pigeon and lots of people dove hunt in season. Hunts for ducks, geese, coots, Sandhill Cranes, quail, grouse, partridge and others go on every year in the states. Some for big money.

To answer your question, yes, other birds are eaten. Check local laws before trying this at home kids.


Mar 13, 2021
Ozark Mountain Foothills of Arkansas
Yes you can eat wild birds as long as you're doing it legally. I personally have hunted and killed doves, ducks, and turkeys that have all been wild. Though I do it legally when my state allows you to do this (hunting season for a specific bird/animal). I wouldn't personally kill a bird or animal if it was endangered or if I knew I wasn't going to eat it. There is nothing wrong with wild bird, or any wild animal for that reason, as long as you do your research, have someone guide you in doing the right thing, and making sure everything is legal.
Luckily, I grew up with this kind of stuff (hunting and fishing) so I don't need a lot of help in that department, but I always try my best to do things right.

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